It’s Fall Y’all and that means FLU SEASON

As the cooler weather begins to work its way into the forecast, it is time to start thinking about the dreaded flu season.  Each year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices have the task on their hands to research and determine the most probable strands of flu influenza and create the appropriate vaccination to distribute to the public to aid in the prevention of the flu.  Take a look below to see the most commonly asked questions regarding the flu vaccination in accordance to the CDC and their recommendations.

Who needs to get vaccinated?
While the flu vaccination is recommended for people of all ages (from 6 months and up) and health conditions, it is stressed that people at high risk of complications from developing a strand of the flu get the vaccination as soon as it becomes available.  Examples would be adults 65 years of age and above, pregnant women, any anyone with chronic health conditions that are at risk of developing pneumonia.  It is also important to note that anyone who is a caregiver for an older adult should also take the precaution and preventative measure of getting vaccinated to avoid putting others at risk.

When do I need to get vaccinated?
The CDC advises that you should get a flu vaccination as soon as it becomes available.  The fists shipments can be found in some communities as early as August.  The flu season can kick off as early as October and the vaccination can take as long as two weeks for the antibodies to develop and protect your body against this potentially serious disease.

Why do I need to get vaccinated year after year?
There are many strands of the flu virus and each year, the provided vaccination is created to deflect the most common anticipated forms of the disease from year to year.  Depending on your general health and age, the flu vaccination should protect you through the course of the flu season.  The antibodies found in the vaccination become weaker with time.  For people with deteriorating health or other illnesses, fewer antibodies are produced from the beginning when they receive their flu vaccination.  It is important to speak with your physician about how often you need to receive a flu vaccination based on your health.

Where can I get vaccinated?
Come to Russell Medical at any time during our regular business hours to be vaccinated.  No appointment necessary!  We look forward to seeing you and keeping you and your family healthy through the flu season.

*Facts and Information cited from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.