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Exceptional Primary Care and Urgent Care for Your Entire Family

Medical doctor with child, urgent care, sick careWelcome to Russell Medical, your trusted destination for exceptional medical care and urgent care services for your entire family in Cumming, Georgia. Our doctors and healthcare professionals prioritize prevention, early detection, and advanced medical treatment options for individuals and families of all ages. We are committed to providing comprehensive care that maximizes your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The goal of our doctors is to enhance your quality of life by focusing on preventive measures and early intervention.


Our family medical doctors provide a wide range of primary care services, such as routine checkups, chronic disease management, vaccinations, and health screenings all in the convenience of our Cumming medical office. In addition, we also specialize in providing urgent care services in your time of need. By promoting open communication and mutual trust, our Cumming doctors aim to build long-term relationships with our patients.


Located conveniently in Cumming, Georgia, Russell Medical is committed to providing comprehensive primary medical care services that prioritize your overall health and happiness. Experience the difference in personalized care by scheduling an appointment with one of our medical doctors today.


Man suffering from allergies.

Allergy Testing

Say Goodbye to Allergies: Effective and Needle-Free Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy Allergy Doctors in Cumming, GA

Are allergies holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest? At Russell Medical in Cumming, Georgia, we have the solution you need! Our allergy testing and immunotherapy program is not only effective but also needle-free, making it a comfortable experience for all.

Our doctors and healthcare professionals offer personalized sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), along with regular follow-up and confirmatory testing for the 72 most common allergies in the region. Our advanced approach ensures accurate diagnosis, customized treatment, and long-term relief from allergy symptoms.


Take control of your health and bid farewell to allergies by scheduling an appointment with our medical doctors today. Embrace a healthier, allergy-free life with Russell Medical.

Weight Loss Treatment

Your Path to Success: Custom Weight Loss Plans at Russell Medical


Are you tired of struggling with your weight and feeling like nothing works? Look no further! Our team of family medical and urgent care doctors at Russell Medical in Cumming, GA, is here to help you achieve your desired weight with our personalized weight loss plans.


Our comprehensive approach includes behavior modification, custom meal plans, prescription medications, exercise, and physical training. Each plan is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring effective and lasting results. Let our team of medical health experts guide you on your journey to a healthier and happier you. Say hello to a new you by working with Russell Medical for your weight loss goals!

Woman measuring waist for weight loss treatment.

Open M-F 8AM-6PM (Closed for Lunch from 12PM-1PM)