Weight Loss Treatment

Approximately 43% of adults in the United States are obese.

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At Russell Medical, our team of experienced medical doctors understand the critical importance of addressing obesity, as it significantly impacts life expectancy and quality of life. Despite the staggering $33 billion spent annually on weight loss products in the United States, the obesity rate continues to rise. If you’ve encountered challenges on your weight loss journey, you’re not alone. Our doctors recognize the frustrations of losing weight only to regain it, and that’s why we’re here to offer a solution. At Russell Medical, we specialize in providing effective and lasting weight loss solutions to help you attain your goals and transform your life. Our approach is rooted in medical expertise, ensuring that you receive personalized care that goes beyond fads or quick fixes. As your trusted doctors, we’re committed to supporting your journey toward permanent weight loss, so you can finally embrace the vibrant life you’ve always dreamed of. Visit us for comprehensive and compassionate weight loss support that prioritizes your well-being.


Additionally, we offer urgent sick care to cater to your immediate health needs. 

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Our medically supervised weight loss program consists of a combination of the following:


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