Russell Medical Now Offering Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy

In medical terms, “intravenous,” or “IV” for short, means “within a vein,” and refers to the practice of administering medicine or fluids through a needle or tube that’s inserted into a vein. Putting medicine or fluid directly into the bloodstream allows for quicker absorption and for the medicine to take effect more quickly.

While the use of intravenous treatments in modern medicine have been around for nearly a hundred years, it was during the 1960s that Dr. John Myers, an internist from Baltimore’s world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, envisioned a comprehensive “cocktail” of key nutritional vitamins and minerals be administered in a single intravenous dose to boost immune function while also reducing inflammation. He determined that due to the way our bodies digest and absorb vitamins and minerals taken orally, only a fraction of the nutrients were making it to the bloodstream, limiting their intended benefits. 

What Is a Myers’ Cocktail IV?

Dr. Myers developed a basic formula consisting of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and other B-Complex vitamins diluted in saline water to be taken intravenously for maximum benefit. Today, Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy is used by experts in conventional and alternative medicine to potentially treat a variety of health conditions such as chronic fatigue, dehydration, migraines, cold and flu symptoms, fibromyalgia, and many more ailments. It also aids in regulating the immune system to promote healing, recovery, and disease prevention while alleviating nutritional deficiencies. 

The magnesium in a Myers’ Cocktail IV helps support muscle and nerve function while boosting energy production. Magnesium can also help to prevent or reduce the effects of fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, asthma attacks, and upper respiratory infections such as chronic sinusitis and rhinitis. While chronically low levels of magnesium can lead to osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, magnesium, when paired with Vitamin B, can help those who suffer from such cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, B-Complex vitamins may also bring relief to those who suffer from muscle weakness associated with hyperthyroidism.  

Trust Russell Medical 

While many studies and reviews suggest that Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy can be used to boost immune function, energy levels, and overall health and wellness, it’s recommended that you speak with one of the medical professionals at Forsyth County’s very own family healthcare provider, Russell Medical, to discuss all the potential benefits and side effects before initiating treatment. The doctors at Russell Medical are kind, helpful, and knowledgeable, and more than happy to consult with you regarding all facets of your health.

For more information about Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy, contact your local, hometown health professionals at Russell Medical for the very best in consultative, primary care for you and your family.